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Focusing on the interface between acoustic and electronic music, acoustic ecology and acousmatic composition, Garth Paine’s music is live, exciting and experimental.

His compositions and performances seek to contextualise ancient and modern musical languages within a single form, by utilising acoustic musical instruments (eg. Flute, Singing Bowls, Cello, Percussion, Oud, HurdiGurdy ... ) as the sonic foundation for complex live electronic processing, that generates a vast array of timbral environments, responsive to the acoustic input, but simultaneously independent.

His music is usually multi-channel surround sound, enveloping the audience within the work as active listeners.

Garth uses a Karlax, Tempest Drum Machine, Kyma, Wacom drawing tablets and Nintendo WiiMotes as multidimensional control surfaces and sensors in live performance, allowing him to discard the constraints of the laptop as an instrument and engage the audience in the NOW of live performance.

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